Valentyna Protsak has virtuany created her own art movement where expressive satisfaction meets oil brushstrokes, electrified by human obsession.


Valentyna has studied at host of exclusive art institutes beginning at very young age, and it is this experience that is illustrated in the spectrum of her creative gift. 

In one personal interview Valentyna was asked about her motivation to become an artist, she replied:

„I discovered early about in my life a strong passion and relation for painting - visual reflexion of the figurative attitude. I love the feeling to be free to create statements that makes a contribution to contemporary society“.


Valentyna creates works from the power of the moment - she is inspired by personificated individual aesthetics and the state of characters, that she reflects between her visual prism, touched on the canvas. 

She means that there is always the right moment to capture the reality of portrait. Contrasted rhythmic balance, placed in colourful light-shadow composition is the main perspective of her metaphysical philosophy. 


Her work embraces, yet challenges of the classical painting traditions with an exploration of contemporary observations. She explores new possibilities by addressing dramaturgy and culminate the esthetic that commands an electrifying visual power. 


  • Sept. 2017 Solo exhibition, "Electrified by Human", Gallery Le Sud, Zürich
  • 2016- 2017 HIGHLIGHTS ` 16 . Neuer Realismus, TVD ART Galerie Berlin 
  • 2016 Women in Art. Contemporary Realism, TVDART Galerie, Berlin
  • Okt. 2016 Art Monaco
  • Since Okt. 2016 TVD`ART Gallery, Berlin, Germany
  • Okt. 2016 Artfair Art3f, Presta Art Gallery, France
  • Since Sept. 2016 Nice Art Gallery, Nice France
  • Mai 2015 Charity Better World Awards, Grand Hotel Cap Ferrat, France
  • Mai 2015 Auction, Accademia Fine Art Monaco
  • Okt. 2015 Art Zürich International, Group exhibition, Zürich 
  • July 2015 Art Monaco 2015, Group exhibition, Monaco

  • Mai 2015 Personal exhibition, Better World Awards, Hotel Hermitage, Monte-Carlo, Monaco
  • March 2015 Gallery Ina Dederer & Friends, Zürich
  • Jan.-June 2015 Group exhibition, Nice Art Gallery, Nice France 
Sept. 2014-Okt. 2014 Solo exhibition, Galerie Le Sud, Zürich
Sept. 2014 Group exhibition, Kunstpause Zug 2014, Zug
  • Apr. 2014 Solo exhibition, Galerie am Lindenhof, Zurich 
  • Jan. 2014 Solo exhibition, Riconi Art Gallery, Zug
  • Nov. 2013 Solo exhibition, Stadhausgalerie, Schützengasse, Zurich 
  • Aug. 2012 Group exhibition, Kunstpause 2012, Zug 
  • Juli 2011- Okt. 2011 Group exhibition, Art & Living Gallery, Ascona
 Juni 2010- Aug. 2010 Solo exhibition, Kaufleuten, Zurich

  • Juli 2008- Aug. 2008 Group exhibition, Galerie Art Seefeld, Young at Art, Zurich 


  • July 2015 Live Painting by Blue Balls Festival Luzern

  • Since May 2014  Self employed visual artist by Valentyna Protsak
  • Feb 2012- Jan 2013  Scenographer for the project Schostakowitsch, thecaseof „YY“ Stage, projectatthe Music University Lucerne, Theater Pavilion, Lucerne.
  • Dec. 2010- Febr. 2014 Action painting and performance art, Kaufleuten  Zurich 


  • 2011- 2014 Study of Art and Meditation at the Lucerne University of Art and Design
  • 2007- 2008 Preliminary course in design at the Berufsschule für Gestaltung Zürich
  • 2006- 2006 High school Diploma, Profile type Fine Art, Kiew, Ukraine
  • 2000- 2006 School of fine Arts, Kiew, Ukraine