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“Pillow Lyrics “
oil on linen
180 x 140 cm


The plot for painting "Pillow Lyrics" taking place in historical Hotel

Metropole Monte-Carlo.

Painting represent the atmosphere of classical natural luxurious charm and comfort in combination with beautiful fresh morning idyll, where only the pillows singing lyrics and became poets of metaphorical fresh morning melodies in harmonious blend of classical elegance and vibrant serenity. 

Diagonal painting composition of female figure crossed Perspektive, noble color composition, and rhythmic expression of brushstrokes are significant keys of particular painting style aesthetic.

“Balcony Hôtel Métropole” 
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm


Monte-Carlo | Historic Hotel (1889) of the World in the painting.


The historic location on which Hôtel Métropole now stands, once belonged to Pope Leon XIII. In 1886, the plot of land was purchased by the “Monte Carlo Hotel Company Ltd” and the property was built in 1889 in the neoclassical style of the Belle Epoque. Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo became a haven for affluent travellers, providing a discreet location which combined luxurious charm and comfort.

Set in the heart of Monaco just a few steps from Monte-Carlo’s legendary Grand Casino and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the hotel quickly became the benchmark of Monaco for the international elite, which included the English aristocracy who were famous for their elegance and taste.


The Painting “Balcony Hotel Metropole”combines timeless elegance connected with contemporaneity, the times of self image and self portraiture in each medial depiction content in our society today.


The flair for creating and offering expression and emotion is a signature of movement and sense of grace and style in the painting.

All with barely a few brush strokes captured in a deep noble complimentary color contrasts and playfully translated into rhytmic composition drawing out  dramaturgy in the oil painting “Balcony Hotel Metropole”. 


Painting representing the classical elegance where the feminine figure takes a central role of cultural significance history of classism during art centuries and till our times. In the times of self image globalization to represent and build cultural bridges between art epochs in figurative painting.

oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm

An enchanting play of innocence and elegance unfolds on the classic carousel, as vibrant pastel hues dance with bold brushstrokes. The gentle yet intense expressionism of the sculptural figures invites emotions to bloom, while the contrasting colors and classy lady shoes add a touch of mystery to this whimsical scene.

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